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Afternoon-4:30pm, ESG-ESIG Outing

Cancer Alley / River Road Reality Tour (separate advance registration necessary; meeting place TBA) — Darryl Malek-Wiley (Louisiana Sierra Club), Margie Richards (resident of Norco, Louisiana), and Aaron S. Allen (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)  [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


5-6pm, Soundwalk

“Environmental Listening and the Tulane Soundscape” (meeting place outside the entrance of the Rogers Memorial Chapel, Tulane University) — Tyler Kinnear (University of British Columbia) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


6-7pm, Registration / Welcome Reception with Light Dinner

Convene outside Dixon Annex (aka Dixon Performing Arts Center), Tulane University, for registration and refreshments.

Menu: Soup Shooters with Veggie and Dip Plate, Cilantro Chickpea Hummus/Hearts of Palm Pate


7-9pm, Paper Jam, Chair: Aaron S. Allen (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)

Held in the Recital Hall of Dixon Annex (aka Dixon Performing Arts Center).

“Crane Calls and Shakuhachi Sounds: Interconnections, Disjunctures and New Directions in the Tsuru no Sugomori Pieces” — Joe Browning (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) (virtual presentation) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Music, Television Advertising, and the Green Positioning of the Global Energy Industry in the United States” — Travis Stimeling (Millikin University) (virtual presentation) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Theorizing the Musical Landscapes of John Luther Adams” — Olga Sánchez-Kisielewska (Northwestern University) (virtual presentation) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Consciousness, Solidarity, and Musicking: Ecoethnographic Justice” — Andrew Mark (York University) (virtual presentation) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Orchestrating Nature: Music, Manipulation, and 1950s America in Disney’s True- Life Adventure Films” — Leah G. Weinberg (University of Michigan) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Sounds Heard: the Environmental Ethics & Aesthetics of Hugh Davies’s Music” — Settimio Fiorenzo Palermo (Middlesex University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Negotiating Nature & Music Through Technology: Ecological Reflections in the Works of Maggi Payne & Laurie Spiegel” — Sabine Feisst (Arizona State University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]




8-8:30am, Registration / Breakfast
Rogers Memorial Chapel, Tulane University. Menu: Coffee and Tea Service,
Organic Mini Quiches Served Hot in Chaffing Dishes (Spinach, Tomato, Feta/Classic Loraine/Garden Herb with Julienned Veggies), Cinnamon Toast Baguette

8:30-10:30am, Panel: Beyond Metaphor, Chair: Mark Pedelty (University of Minnesota)

“Instrument Builders As Environmental Activists: A Tale of Two Tonewoods” — Marc Perlman (Brown University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Small is Beautiful: Guitar Making, Sustainability and Community Building in Britain and Africa” — Kevin Dawe (University of Leeds) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Why Thoreau?” — Jeff Todd Titon (Brown University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Beyond Birds: (Ethno)musicologists, Environmental Scientists & the Evolution of Soundscape Ecology” — Jennifer C. Post (New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University, Wellington) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


10:30-11am, Break

Menu: Miniature Greek Yogurt Parfaits with Fresh Fruit and Honey Drizzle and House Made Gluten-Free Granola; Bananas and Apples

11am-1pm, Panel: 20th & 21st-century Composers, Chair: Denise Von Glahn (Florida State University)

“The Peasant’s Voice and the Tourist’s Gaze:  Listening to Landscape in Luc Ferrari’s Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps” — Eric Drott (University of Texas at Austin) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“An Electronic Ecology:  The Natures of David Tudor’s Electronic Music” — You Nakai (New York University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Carl Ruggles, Walt Whitman, and the Gendered Place of Men and Mountains” — Jacob A. Cohen (The Graduate Center, CUNY) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Searching for a Sonic Ecology:  John Luther Adams’s Dark Waves” — Joseph Finkel (Arizona State University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


1pm-2pm, Lunch (provided)

Menu: Organic Field Greens Tossed with Local Praline Pecans, Slivered Purple Onions, Granny Smith Apples, Feta Cheese and Dried Cranberries Served with a Dark Balsamic Vinaigrette; Assorted Baguette Sandwiches; Green Tea Lemonade

2-3:30pm, Panel: Contemporary Issues, Chair: Sabine Feisst (Arizona State University)

“‘The Music of Nature Makes Me Dream and Sleep’: Intersections of Nature, Gender, and Ultramodernism” — Melissa J. de Graaf (University of Miami)  [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Agency and Aural Rights: Negotiating the Soundscape, 1948 to the Present” — Alexandra Hui (Mississippi State University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Emergent Soundscapes: Uses of Nature and Technology in Two Electroacoustic Compositions” — Tyler Kinnear (University of British Columbia) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


3:30-4pm, Break

Menu: Assorted House Baked Cookie Platter with Pitcher of Iced Coffee, Assorted Nuts

4-6pm, Panel: Ethnographic Approaches, Chair: William Bares (University of North Carolina, Asheville)

“Mapping Outdoor Music Festival Engagement with Ecological and Environmental Issues in Australia” — Dan Bendrups (Queensland Conservatorium Resarch Centre, Griffith University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Eucalyptus as Musical Resource: Some Ecological Considerations” — Robin Ryan (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Birdsong, Popular Music, &Predicting Rain in Northeastern Brazil” — Michael Silvers (University of California, Los Angeles) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Sounds of the Grasslands: An Ecomusicological Crisis of Romanticism, Loss, & Inheritance in Inner Mongolia, China” — Charlotte D’Evelyn (University of Hawaii) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


6-6:30pm, Break

Menu: Veggie and Dip Plate, Cashew Hummus/Sweet Pea Puree

6:30-8pm, Panel: Canadian Perspectives, Chair: Ellen Waterman (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

“Sounding the Environmental Past and Present: Repurposing and Representing Soundscape in Contemporary Canadian Compositions” — Kate Galloway (Memorial University of Newfoundland) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“The Mis-imagined Native: Musically Constructing Nativeness in 1940s Canadian Radio and Film Docudramas” — Erin Scheffer (University of Toronto) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


“Sounding Empire: Coloniality and Environment in Canadian Art Music” — Jeremy Strachan (University of Toronto) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]


8-9pm, Reception & Concert

Menu: Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomato Pesto in Votives, Café au Lait Bites

“Birding,” an eco-improvisational performance by ~spin~ — James Harley (University of Guelph), computer, and Ellen Waterman (Memorial University of Newfoundland), amplified flutes [+ Show Abstract & Bio]




Morning: SEM Pre-Conference, Crisis & Creativity (Tulane University)

* Separate advance registration necessary.


Afternoon: ESG-ESIG Outing, Honey Island Swamp Tour (separate advance registration necessary, meet in Sheraton lobby) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]



AMS / SEM / SMT Annual Meeting (Sheraton New Orleans, downtown; separate advance registration necessary)



2pm-6pm, ESG-ESIG Outing: Barataria Preserve Hike (separate advance registration necessary, meet in Sheraton lobby) [+ Show Abstract & Bio]

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